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Farm Credit Canada (FCC) – Credit Union Issue Resolution Process

An Issue Resolution Process (IRP) has been established between FCC and the Canadian credit union system. It aims to address concerns raised by FCC or by credit unions, relating to the activities of the other in the market.

The process aims to ensure concerns are treated seriously, and that all information is surfaced and addressed appropriately. The IRP is an escalating process that seeks to resolve issues locally but that may see some concerns raised to involve the Co-Chairs of the Liaison Committee. The IRP was created to address situations outside the normal course of business including behaviours that are outside of commercial bounds; may undermine good faith efforts to build closer co-operation; or that appear to be outside the mandate of FCC (e.g. in town commercial mortgages, golf course financing, systematic targeting of other clients).

If you wish to know more about the IRP, or have a concern you wish to raise, please contact the appropriate person below:

Alberta: Rob Martin 
Atlantic: Rob Martin 
British Columbia: Rob Martin
Manitoba: Ted Richert 
Ontario: Frank Kennes 
Saskatchewan: Glen Ferguson 

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