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CUIC Digital Badges and Credentials

Our learners work hard to complete our intensive CUIC courses and programs, which is why we decided to introduce a digital badging program, to help our learners better promote, and gain recognition for, their accomplishments and skills.

What is it?

CUIC has launched a digital credentialing initiative with Accredible, an industry-leading digital credentialing platform, with the goals of increasing employee recognition and motivating skill progression.

Each digital badge provides a visual representation of the earned credential and when clicked, links to more information about the credential such as the date issued, skills acquired, how it was earned and the authority of the organization issuing it. This information helps an employer understand the criteria met to earn the credential.

How it Works: Learn it - Earn it - Share it

As learners progress through each level of a CUIC program, they will be awarded with a “micro-credential” badge. Once all levels are complete and the student has graduated, they will be rewarded with a final digital accreditation or designation badge.

For example, the FSR Development Program consists of three micro-credential badges and a final accreditation badge:

  1. Foundational Skills Micro-credential - achieved upon completion of 9 required courses
  2. Applied Skills Micro-credential - achieved upon completion of 12 required courses
  3. Advanced Skills Micro-credential - achieved upon completion of 6 required courses
  4. Accredited Financial Services Representative - achieved upon completion of all program courses and a final assessment. Accreditation is awarded jointly by CUIC and Dalhousie University.

Value and Benefits of Digital Credentials

For the learner:
  • Instantly shareable online, on email signatures and on social media
  • Displays skills and competencies to anyone across organizations, industries and countries
  • Recognition for current and prior learning
  • Motivation to keep learning and to mark progress with micro-credentials
  • Create a portfolio of marketable skills
  • Achievements are verifiable and detailed helping learners, educators and employers discover the value behind each credential
  • Outlines the work and effort that was put in to achieve the credential

For your credit union:
  • Identifying job candidates who have the required skills
  • Providing the right type of focused training to new or transitioning employees who need to improve their skills
  • Promoting the credentials of your employees on your website

For your members:

  • Confidence in the knowledge and ability of your employees to serve them

Programs and Timing

We are currently running a pilot and issuing digital credentials for students of the Financial Service Representative Development Program, and will continue to roll-out digital badging for the rest of our designations and accreditations throughout 2019-2020.

Accreditation Programs:
  • Accredited Financial Service Representative – pilot now underway
  • Accredited Canadian Credit Union Director – coming soon
  • Accredited Member Service Representative (for MSRs and call centre representatives)
  • Accredited Consumer and Residential Mortgage Lender
  • Accredited Business Lender

Designation Programs:
  • Fellow of the Credit Union Institute of Canada (FCUIC) – earned by graduates of the General Business Studies Program (GSP)
  • Associate of the Credit Union Institute of Canada (ACUIC) – earned by graduates of the Management Studies Program (MSP)

To be notified when registration opens for a specific credential, sign up here.

Contact us

For more information, or to register for any of our programs, please contact or 1.888.367.1386.

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