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Everything DiSC®

Everything DiSC® offers credit unions tools and programs that provide practical, research-validated strategies and insights into how to build more effective relationships, improve workplace dynamics, influence people and set up teams and working groups for success. 

Everything DiSC®

Designed to be inclusive, Everything DiSC® has tools and programs that will benefit every role in a credit union, and others that target teams, managers, leaders and supervisors.
This product is available through our partnership with The Learning Edge, a Canadian-based earning and development company with almost thirty years experience designing and delivering professional development solutions.

Credit union staff and managers who have participated in Everything DiSC® programs say they:

  • Make better hiring decisions
  • Navigate project roadblocks more effectively
  • Can minimize workplace conflict
  • Foster a constructive workplace culture

Everything DiSC® programs and tools are available in a variety of formats, from classroom sessions to e-learning modules to videos and interactive assessments. To view a full list of offerings click here

For more information or to book today contact or 1.888.367.1386.

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“I found this session very informative and enlightening. It made me see a different perspective of my co-workers in that it will help me communicate better with them.”

~Linda Foston, AWCCU

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