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National Mentorship Program

Offered to high-potential employees, this program pairs industry leaders with employees identified as future leaders in the credit union industry.

2018 National Mentorship Program (NMP) is closed - Stay Tuned for 2019 Information coming soon!

Are you ready for transformational program change? The 2018 National Mentorship Program has closed for 2018.

Planning for the 2019 National Mentorship Program is underway - Stay tuned.

Who's Eligible?

Due to the commitment required, mentors and mentees must have their manager's support to apply to the program.

  • Mentors must have skills or abilities they are willing to share with another.
  •  Mentees must have a desire to build skills or abilities and accept coaching from another.
  • Program Manager: will be collecting mentorship data along the way and is there to answer any of your questions.
  • Learn more!

    The 2018 National Mentorship Program has closed. Planning for the 2019 Program is currently underway.

    General Program Details
    • Program Duration: May to November.
    • Commitment: Minimum mentoring time commitment is 2 hours per month plus preparation time. Mentoring pairs determine their own meeting schedule.
    • Mentoring Meetings: As Mentoring pairs are typically matched out-of-province, they "meet" by phone, Skype, Google Hangouts etc..
    • Cost: There is no cost to apply or participate in the National Mentoring Program. Direct costs may include communication (e.g. long distance phone costs) or resource materials (books, articles, etc.)

    For more information contact:

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