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Marketing Programs

Helping credit unions grow their business and save resources through a variety of marketing programs and campaigns.

Retail Marketing Materials

CCUA provides credit unions with the materials you need to communicate with members in retail branches on a number of products. All products are professionally written by experts in the subject area and available in both print and digital formats. Materials are available as-is or are customizable with your branding and logos. Product topics range from fraud awareness to registered savings plans and everything in between. 


Buyer Protection Coverage

Buyer Protection & Extended Warranty coverage is unique to credit unions. It is a debit and credit card insurance program offered in partnership with The CUMIS Group. Purchases made by members using debit cards, credit cards and cheques are covered for a full 120 days after the purchase; the item is protected if it's stolen or damaged. The extended warranty coverage doubles the warranty period of the purchased item for up to two years.


National Campaigns

CCUA offers a number of national communications “campaigns in a box” that include print and online materials, as well as in branch event ideas. These campaigns are produced throughout the year to help support national credit union brand awareness in local markets. Materials will be available 3-4 weeks prior to the start of the event.

CreditView Dashboard

CreditView is a credit information and education advantage. Through an elegant, integrated user experience, CreditView shows your members the critical credit information they need, including:

  • Their TransUnion credit file
  • CreditVision Risk Score and national comparison
  • Credit and score education
  • Comprehensive financial literacy program powered by EnRICHed Academy
  • Key credit change alerts
  • Score Simulator

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Advisory Committee

The National Marketing Advisory Committee provides a forum at the national level for discussion and collaboration regarding marketing and brand awareness initiatives.


Meet the Team

Suzanne Peters, AVP Communications
Sachin Deshpandé, Sr Manager Nat'l Media & Communications
Kristen Ridley, Communications Manager
Nick Best, Communications Manager
Veronica Mastroianni, Communications Coordinator
Connie Agostino, Division Coordinator

Martin Reed, Vice President, Marketing & Research
Janine Pierre, Art Director
Samantha Ritchie, Project Coordinator