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Retail Marketing Materials

The Canadian Credit Union Association (CCUA) provides credit unions with the materials they need to effectively communicate with members in retail branches on a number of products. All materials are professionally written by subject matter experts and available in both print and digital formats.

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Note: not all members have access to the marketing e-store. To request access, please contact us.

What's New

We asked you what you liked about our marketing services offerings and what you'd like improved. We listened! Here's what's new:

  • A broader selection of campaign topics 
  • New designs, layout, and refreshed content
  • More digital formats to choose from
  • Social media materials for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Option to customize any item to align with your brand 
  • Improved pricing structure 
  • Lower quantity purchase minimums
  • Printing on demand: when you need it
  • A chance to preview materials before purchasing
  • French versions: materials are available in French

Don't worry, the aspects of our services that you indicated you enjoy remain the same: 

  • Impeccable customer service -- quick response time and helpful advice
  • Customizable materials -- either with just your logo or with complete covers
  • Atlantic versions: brochures with Atlantic branding are still available.

Fraud Smart
Identity theft and financial scams are among the fastest growing crimes in North America. Most people don’t think they could fall victim, but fraudsters use sophisticated ways to target people of all ages. So, what’s the best way to fight back? Awareness & prevention.

Fraud Smart, previously the Fraud Prevention campaign, offers a variety of physical and digital marketing products so your credit union can connect with your members online and in-branch.

Click below to see the preview & customization guide.


Please allow extra time for customization.

Saving Series
Selecting the right savings plan can be overwhelming and confusing for many! Make it easy for your members with our Savings Series campaigns, designed to help your members differentiate between various options and to help them select the right plan for their long term financial goals.

Financial Fitness Series
Over your lifetime, you will face a number of major financial milestones, opportunities and challenges, from taking out your first loan to buying your first home to preparing for retirement. Make it easy for your members with our Financial Fitness series!

What’s the biggest obstacle to growing your credit union? For many, it’s a lack of understanding of what a credit union offers and why we are a #better alternative to banks. To help sell the benefits of banking with a credit union, CCUA has developed materials that highlight how we're a #better option for Canadians.

These new materials are designed to help attract new members to your credit union – online and in the branch! They’re also a great tool to remind existing members about the value your credit union offers.


Please allow extra time for customization.

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Interior Image Displays

CCUA provides a line of interior displays to be used in branches and offices. Examples include: dual teller signs, business hours signs, poster frames, hanging frames, and more.

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Tout le matériel sera offert en français.


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