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CEB Retail Banking Leadership Council research adds technology component

February 16, 2017

Les Czarnota, Researcher, Communications and Marketing, Canadian Credit Union Association

The evolution of FinTech and numerous “disruptors” in the retail financial landscape have traditional banks and credit unions exploring new ways to engage with their customers. One way to keep abreast of retail banking innovations is to access the research available through the Corporate Executive Board’s Retail Banking Leadership Council (RBLC), one of several national research subscriptions that CCUA makes available to affiliated credit unions and caisses populaires free of charge.

The RBLC provides three or four major strategic studies on retail banking topics each year, along with many case studies and best practices examples. Supplementing this research are various interactive tools, webinars and blog postings.

For 2017, RBLC has added a banking-specific technology component which includes benchmark data for technology expenditure (when and for what), technology analyses and market updates (reports on specific technology), and a series of business case planning development documents called “Ignition Guides”. Many of the technology resources available are project-based tactical resources, but studies, webinars and blog postings are also included. Recent resources include:

In 2016, credit union and caisses populaires leaders accessed a number of reports and case studies from the RBLC. Listed below are the four most popular items downloaded:

Please note that you must have an account with RBLC in order to access these documents. Please click here to register for access.

If you would like to find more about the CEB Retail Banking Leadership Council or other national research subscriptions that CCUA holds for the Canadian credit union system, please contact Les Czarnota, Researcher, Communications & Marketing at or by calling 416-232-3485.