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Meridian Credit Union’s mobile game Save the Camp! available this week in the App Store and Google Play Store

February 16, 2017

Kate Martin, Policy Analyst, Canadian Credit Union Association

Are you looking for a way to reach youth in your credit union’s financial literacy offerings?

This week, Meridian’s financial literacy innovation, mobile game Save the Camp!, is launching for free through the App Store and Google Play Store.

Save The Camp! is a mobile game designed to teach money management skills to students in grades 7–10. It’s a tower defense game where success depends on how well you manage your money. The game features everything players have come to know and love about tower defense – a genre of video games that focuses on players’ defending their territory -- but puts a spin on the genre by focusing on how players allocate their resources and save for the future.

The core feature of the game is constructing towers that can be can be purchased in two ways: either with a limited reserve of cash or with credit that quickly accumulates interest. At the end of each level, any outstanding debt is balanced against remaining cash and the surplus is placed into a savings account.

As the game progresses and increases in difficulty, players will realize that keeping their borrowing under control and maximizing their savings will be essential for success in the final stages.

For credit unions offering Each One, Teach One workshops for grades 7 to 10 audience, Save the Camp! could be a useful resource to direct participants to for the Basic Budgeting workshop and Debt Smarts workshop.

To learn more about Save the Camp!, visit