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Update: 2017 Community Involvement Survey

May 5, 2017

Les Czarnota, Researcher, Communications and Marketing, Canadian Credit Union Association

Just a quick reminder that if you have not already done so, all CCUA affiliated credit unions and caisses populaires have been asked to please complete the Community Involvement Questionnaire by May 26, 2017.

If you are having difficulties or if you have any questions about the survey, please contact Les Czarnota at (416) 232-3485 or

As a reminder, this questionnaire collects monetary and other data on philanthropic and other community giving related to: donations and sponsorships; scholarships and bursaries; charitable foundations; volunteerism; and financial services.

Results of the CIS are shared with the credit union system as well as made public in the Credit Union Community and Economic Impact Report helping to communicate the role that credit unions and caisses populaires play in helping develop the communities they serve and the impact they play on the national economy.