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Shared Vision Conference: Sneak Peek

December 18, 2018

Don't miss this free event next month in Ottawa! In addition to a full day of in-depth discussion with federal policy makers and credit unions, day two will see the launch of three exciting and highly relevant new papers from some of the leading thinkers in our systemThe papers will be presented on the morning of the second day, and they are:

Taking the system federal, by Marc-Andre Pigeon
In the six years since “going federal” has been an option for Credit Unions, uptake has been slow. Only two institutions have crossed the Rubicon. Marc-Andre will discuss the history of this issue and what he sees as the future of federalization in the system.

Lessons learned from Desjardins, by Phil Braginetz
This paper explains the structure of the Mouvement Desjardins, summarizes its history, and tells the story of how caisses populaires overcame the inertia of fractured local and regional self-interest to build what is now the fifth-largest financial cooperative in the world. It then discusses lessons for credit unions in the rest of the country as they grapple with many of the same challenges.

Meeting the threat of Bigness, by Jen Budney, Brett Fairbairn, and Murray Fulton
As relatively small fish in a large financial sector pond, credit unions’ challenges with high costs, demographics and scale are more acute than those faced by larger competitors. These factors, combined with the complex, shifting regulatory environment, make it difficult for credit unions to compete effectively against Canada’s big banks. This paper examines how credit unions can face these challenges while maintaining cooperative principles, and makes the case for a viable and strong credit union system in the Canadian financial services landscape.

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