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Intelligence Digest

The Intelligence Digest is a monthly digest of new reports available at no charge to all affiliated credit union and caisses populaires employees from four research firms that CCUA holds memberships in on behalf of Canada’s credit unions, and provides a selection of summaries drawn from recent publications and webinars by the Filene Research Institute, the Conference Board of Canada, the CEB Retail Banking Leadership Council and the C. D. Howe Institute.

Filene Research Institute

Member Effort Benchmarking: Measuring Ease to Use

Sam Jardine and Professor Jenny Darroch, Drucker School of Management, Claremont Graduate University Constance Anderson, President, MemberXP. Filene Research Institute Publication #385, 16 pages, January 2016

This report looks at the value of a new metric for member service – the member effort score. Three primary research questions guided the analysis:

  • What does “good” member effort look like?
  • How can credit unions improve their mortgage lending, problem resolution, and new membership processes to resemble that of consumer lending?
  • Can a member effort score help credit unions track progress to improve core lending and member engagement? 

Digital Strategies: Creating Stronger Online Engagement

Tansley Stearns, Chief Impact Officer and Elry Armaza, Impact Director, Filene Research Institute. Filene Research Institute Publication #386, 21 pages, January 2016

This research outlines best practices and recommendations from the Digital Strategies program which was designed to help credit unions adapt to consumers' changing shopping behaviors. Based on several case studies of participating credit unions, the essential components of a robust, member-satisfying digital experience across a variety of products including credit cards and mortgages is detailed.

Game Changers: A Research Symposium

Filene Research Institute. Filene Research Institute Publication #375, 38 pages, January 2016

The Filene Research Institute and Credit Union Central of Canada recently convened a one-day symposium to discuss issues that are migrating to the top of credit unions’ “time to think about this” list: collaborative consumption, big data, things we can learn from retail, and radical lending platforms. And importantly, an overview of regulatory challenges and how being “different on purpose” is serving the system. These issues are game changers that credit unions can’t afford to ignore. The takeaways include:

  • Credit unions need to up their digital game.
  • Credit unions can’t just say they’re targeting millennials.
  • Big data is important—but be realistic and patient. 


Conference Board of Canada

Mindful Management: The Neuroscience of Trust and Effective Workplace Leadership

Webinar. Conference Board of Canada, 60 minutes, January 2016 

This webinar explores how trust is the basic building block of employee engagement and that by connecting with your staff, you encourage them to motivate themselves. Mindfulness is being integrated into many workplaces, as it embraces stress management, improves decision-making and encourages employee engagement. It also promotes clear communication, enhancing workplace relationships and building empowerment. 

Preparing for the Digital Privacy Act: Round Two of Privacy Regulation in Canada

Webinar. Conference Board of Canada, 60 minutes, January 2016 

This webinar will explore how to evaluate and revisit current practices in light of upcoming security breach rules and will look at how to craft policies and procedures for managing a breach response. 

Top 10 Questions to Proactively Manage Reputational Risk: Moving Directors from Defense to Offense

Webinar. Conference Board of Canada, 60 minutes, January 2016 

This webinar discusses how boards of directors need to shift their thinking so that reputational risk is prioritized. Topics covered include:

• Insights on how boards can generate discussions with their management teams in order to proactively manage strategic risk 
• Top ten critical questions the board should be asking management in order to encourage discussion, receive information, and monitor trends in the company’s reputation 

Risk Watch: Thought Leadership in Risk

Briefing. Conference Board of Canada, 17 pages, January 2016 

This triannual journal presents original articles by global thinkers and practitioners on risk management and related matters. Authors express opinions and insights about the world of risk and provide practical applications to address risk challenges. Topics include:

• How and why unsuccessful strategy and its correlated risks arise from flawed formulation and ineffective execution.
• Final article of our three-part cyber risk series and offers insight into what the future may hold.
• Importance of building and maintaining personal resilience in a complex world that can have a tremendous impact on one’s body, mind, and spirit.

The Leadership Outlook: Leadership Driving Organizational Performance

Colin Hall, Donna Burnett Vachon and Katie O’Brien. Conference Board of Canada, 125 pages, January 2016 

This report takes a deep look into leadership behaviour, practices, and strategies in Canadian organizations to provide a greater understanding of organizational leadership performance, leadership behaviour, and their impact on an organization. The survey was completed by 441 human resources and business leaders.

The Conference Board Human Capital in Review: Focus on Talent Management (Vol. 5, No. 1, 2015)

Report. Conference Board, Inc., 13 pages, January 2016 

This publication explores hot topics within talent management research. In addition to human capital and leadership development trends, this issue includes summaries on attracting and retaining global talent and internally promoting senior leaders. Topics include current and future trends in human capital management; measuring human capital and talent competitiveness at the country level; transitioning senior executives to the C-suite; succession management and identifying leadership potential; education and skill-development for employees; attracting and retaining global talent; leveraging relationships with former employees.

Retail Banking Leadership Council (formerly CFC)

Relevance-Based, Proactive Customer Engagement

Case Study. Retail Banking Leadership Council, 6 pages, December 2015

This case study explores how Westpac NZ designed and implemented its automated marketing analytics platform to ensure effective and engaging customer “conversations” with relevant, interactive, and real-time interactions.

C.D. Howe Institute

Shifting Towards Autonomy: A Continuing Care Model for Canada

Åke Blomqvist and Colin Busby. C. D. Howe Institute, Commentary No. 443, 28 pages, January 2016

Faced by chronic health problems or just old age, seniors require supportive services but worry about their affordability and access to them. International experience suggests that self-directed care options can achieve better autonomy for dependent elderly. This report provides an overview of French, German and Australian self-directed models of care delivery and sketches out a provincial continuing care model that would draw on these countries’ experiences. 

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